The embrace Toolkit is now available!

The embrace Toolkit on Circular Economy is now available!

The Toolkit is an innovative, user-friendly instrument addressed to SMEs, Intermediary Organizations (IOs) / Clusters, Policy Makers (PM) in agro-food and wine sectors engaged in transforming their business or ecosystem work streams in a circular way.


Embrace Toolkit provides free tools and materials to help create more sustainable products, services and business models. The Toolkit is a hybridation between sustainable design and business innovation, including environmental criteria/assessment and strategy tools for the generation of circular business models. It relies on existing experiences, tools and models, but represents a totally new and original methodology and product fine-tuned and ready for use.


The Toolkit consists of 18 main tools.


The Toolkit has been developed based on

  • a review of existing experiences, tools and models and evaluation of their suitability for adoption of some parts of them to the embrace project;
  • selected methodologies and tools have been fine-tuned and adapted and new tools developed;
  • the Toolkit has been conceived and developed based on an iterative process

You can visit the Toolbox here: