MEET THE EMBRACE TOOLBOX: Tool A1. Ecocanvas: Business needs and challenges


Tool A1. Ecocanvas: Business needs and challenges

embrace Tool A1: Ecocanvas: Business needs and challenges

The aim of this tool is to spot the needs of your project / organisation, as a starting point. In order to set a course towards circularity, you have to list all the needs and challenges that you have detected so far and when you have finished, you will start to choose which one (or more) is the most pressing one/s.

Reasons to use this tool….

It addresses to Start-up or SME that ...

...has no value proposition properly defined or worked. still defining the problem need worth to be solved.

...has not validated the problem-solution fit.

...has not properly defined niche market nor customer segmentation.

...has a very complex problem to deal with (like matrioska doll).