WEBINAR Sustainable innovation for the Wine Sector: starting from the cap!

Sustainable innovation for the #Wine sector: starting from the cap.

Webinar dedicated to the main sustainable materials used today for the production of the cap, with the aim of offering openings to those so-called circular choices that are already in place and can be implemented.

After the first webinar, "Packaging in the Agri-food sector as an opportunity for innovation in circular economy choices" this second webinar, always offered as part of the actions of the Embrace Interreg Med project, will deal with the application of eco-friendly polymeric materials in the sector Wine as a solution for the cork.

Participation in the webinar is recommended for those who want to learn more about plastic by objectively understanding the opportunities that many polymers can also give for sustainable and circular economy choices. The polymer can be seen as a container within which "circular" choices can be addressed with mature technologies.

The webinar is organized by t2i. Register for the event here.